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Dead Bird Calling CD Raubbau RAUB-052 promising debut album for this German dark electronic / ritual industrial project with an apocalyptic approach, combining sharp pulses and repetitive samples with field recordings and instrumental sources.. "In his compositions, drones mixed with ritual sounds result in tremendously powerful tracks which evoke the feeling of desolation which throws us back onto the essence of mere human existence" 2018 €13.00
Manifestation de l'Antinatalisme LP Raubbau RAUB-075 second LP (after the rare "Rites of Natema", 2016) for this German "dystopian ambience" project, extremely dark, subtle, pulsative, think of GALERIE SCHALLSCHUTZ, INADE or newer CYCLIC LAW acts.. "this lp is a sinister swan song to consumerism, eternal growth and progress, a eulogy for humanity as such..." - lim. ed of only 118 copies, excellent artwork, DL code 2020 €20.00