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Climata do-CD Dragon's Eye Recordings der012 / Recorded Field Editions rfe_03 site specific recordings from 15 'Skyspaces' of the phantastic light-space sculptor JAMES TURRELL, extremely sublime, resonating drones.. "Each of the individual recordings, with their quiet & slowly changing microtonal interventions made in-situ, interrogate and offer a specific document of weather, location and duration framed by the architecture of the Skyspace." ed. of 500 copies 2016 €16.00
Beyond Enclosures 3 x CD Recorded Fields Editions RFE05 three impressive works on "AIR" by this highly interesting Irish (Australian born) sound artist, using for each CD different approaches and conceptual backgrounds: experimental turntable techniques with piano & pipe organ harmonics [BARDO]; resonant architectural interventions made w. custom-made oscillators [SPECTRES]; extended pipe organ with accompanying soundsystem [BRONZE LANDS] - 3 CDs inside poster cover, 300 copies 2021 €27.50