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Ambiances / Images do-LP BIN - BIN 00-26 / Institut for Dansk LydarkŠologi IDL 01 official re-issues of the only two albums from 1972, now rare collectors items, by this Danish ambient sound artist, who also was a painter & filmmaker (1924-2013), using lots of self recorded nature sources ; "Light became sound. The most fascinating aspect of Knud Viktorĺs world is perhaps that there is a universal coalescence of all things: of artistic expressions and natural science, of painting, sculpture and installation. A paintbrush becomes a microphone. Music becomes sound." 2017 €32.00
Les Ephemeres do-LP Institut for Dansk LydarkŠologi IDL11 first ever release by this piece that was produced for the French Radio station 'France Musique' in 1977 as 20 short 'sound images' to be transmitted between the regular programming, only found after KNUD VIKTOR's death in his archives...The record is accompanied by a 24-page booklet illustrated with Viktorĺs photos, as well as an extensive essay by curator Magnus Kaslov, Museum of Contemporary Art in Roskilde, Denmark 2018 €24.00
Le Petit Duc 7inch Institut for Dansk LydarkŠologi IDL 12 unreleased material, originally composed to appear as 7", luxurious ed. with booklet and DL code - " 'Le Petit Duc' [The Little Scops Owl] is a sound work by Danish artist Knud Viktor, made between 1978 and 1983; primarily composed of recordings Viktor made of an owls nest in the spring and summer of 1978..... 'Le Petit Duc' tells the story of an owl family. The piece speaks to children and adults alike." 2019 €15.00