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Sibling Lovers LP Silken Tofu STX 57 / Trait Records TRT 005 stunning debut LP of this Australian industrial rock formation, aggressive tracks with tortured vocals, bass/guitar, electronics and tribalistic percussion, in the way of old SPK, NEUBAUTEN, MISSING FOUNDATION, etc.."The bandís habitually uneasy textures and crude tones are generated with appropriated non-instruments- scrap metal, raw plastics, steel beams. For Kollaps, this isnít an empty Ďindustrialí gesture. Itís a way to literally use the detritus of postmodern society against itself." 2017 €18.00
Mechanical Christ LP Cold Spring Rec. CSR269LP 2nd album for the raging Australian "violent industrial" band who just toured Europe extensively..."The bandsí distinctive primordial tones are created using appropriated waste materials like scrap metal, raw plastics and steel plates combined with blistering percussion, bass and vocals. This is no empty 'industrial' gesture, for the band this process of creation facilitates the literal use of postmodern society against itself.." - LP version comes with double sided insert 2019 €18.00
Until the Day I die CD Cold Spring CSR309CD third album by the raging Australian old school industrial "rock" attackers, influenced by W.S. BURROUGHS methods.. more song-oriented and electronic sounding at times, still extreme enough with a large array of self-build metal objects in use, scream vocals, noisy bass and tons of effects... - "The soundtrack to a society collapsing on itself" - [Robert C. Kozletsky] 2022 €13.00