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Asymmetric Warfare CD AZOTH rebis 001 four long tracks on the new 'glorious' world of modern warfare by the Italian (post) industrial pioneer (and member of favored DREAM WEAPON RITUAL) => extremely threatening ambient industrial, using audio recordings from middle east conflicts, electric metal plates, metal, wood and plastic objects and motors along with various effects and electronic gear to create a scary, distorted, feedbacking form of critical and challenging soundscape... very much recommended ! 2015 €12.00
Ultrasonic Bathing Apparatus CD Sincope SIND031 SIMON BALESTRAZZI (T.A.C, DREAM WEAPON RITUAL, KIRLIAN CAMERA, etc. and also part of the great "In Memorian J.G. BALLARD" CD project) with seven subtle but intense solo-tracks, inspired by the concept of sensorial deprivation: very deep drones with metalloid overtunes, but also with more concrete instrumental elements from strings, piano, dulcimer, idiophone (steel cello), table top guitar, and field recordings.. immersive stuff, full of tension! lim. 200 2015 €10.00
Atti Innaturali CD Silentes - St.An.Da. 2249 on this album, S. BALESTRAZZI is the master of subtle microsounds, which seem to come from small metallic objects, bowls, gongs and chimes, often used backwards or strangely processed combined with casually interferences of concrete sounds...- in fact, he used a Ukrainian Tsymbaly mainly, a percussion-stringed instrument similar to the hammered dulcimer.. "...a deep and subtle tangle of flickering forms that guide us through a meditative and almost trance-inducing process." - lim. 200, highly recommended! 2022 €13.00