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Being near LP Helen Scarsdale Records HMS 037 female shoegazing post rock ambience and low-fi dream-folk from Turkey (= EKIN ▄ZELT▄ZENCI from Istanbul who is also known as member of PROUDPILOT and BIBLO) that has been compared to GROUPER or LOVESLIESCRUSHING... "her spectral dream-pop deconstructions hold a thousand-yard stare of an unconsolable melancholy"; lim. 400 copies 2016 €20.00
Ghosts Inside LP Helen Scarsdale Records HMS 042 Could there be a more gentle melancholy than this? Most ethereal, intimate and smooth drops on guitar, piano/keyboard and voice caress the listener; beautiful mournful melodies are shining through the haze... second album on HMS for this Turkish "drone-chanteuse", who transfers her shoegaze (SLOWDIVE, COCTEAU TWINS, CRANES) and folk influences into something even more amorph and elusive... 2017 €19.00
Inflame OST MC Helen Scarsdale HMS044 first ever film soundtrack for Istanbul's hazy ambience producer EKIN FIL, made for a 'psychological thriller' by ÍZG▄N ÍZCELIK; quite different from her previous releases... "Ekin uses a palette of synths, electronics and drum machines to convey a tense and claustrophobic sound, where severed voices float thru minor key melodies and slow, epileptic hallucinations, sometimes prodded with skeletal electro rhythms, at other left to linger uncomfortably in crepuscular mid-air with curt resolutions." [boomkat] 2017 €10.00
Maps LP Helen Scarsdale Records HMS048 already the fourth LP for the Turkish artist who mesmerizes here with ghostly, intimate 'songs' based on synth-piano, electronics and smoothly aspirated vocals... extremely melancholic, lonely, fragile and haunting..."The saddest songs of The Durutti Column excised of rhythm and those few plunges into sorrow by Harold Budd make for apt comparisons to Maps, in addition to the drone-on classics of Grouper, Slowdive, and Sarah Davachi." 2018 €19.00