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Hope CD Klanggalerie gg317 re-issue of the second LP (1984) of the British cult industrialists, this first CD re-issue feat. 3 bonus tracks not on the original LP.. "Hope is full of unceasing drum machine rhythms, electro pulses, echoing samples and lo-fi synths matched with strummed guitars and dub bass. The accompanying drones and snarled vocals go beyond any early 80's industrial tag to be something more unique.." [Mannequin Rec.] 2020 €15.00
Preparing for Power CD Klanggalerie gg335 ' Preparing for Power' was the last album recorded at the bands base at the Ambulance Station on the Old Kent Road, London, and again released on their own Recloose Organisation, saw the band develop further beyond the limits of the post-punk / industrial scene where genres increasingly became redundant. Ethno, jazz, funk and EBM are all buried deep in the album as it seeks independence.." - re-issue of cult album from 1986, CD version with 2 rare bonus tracks ! 2021 €15.00
Bourbonese Qualk CD Klanggalerie gg414 Industrial Music as a way of protest ! -> like almost no other band from the 80's / 90's, B.Q. used art forms as an authentic political tool of resistance...this is the re-issue of their self-titled album from 1987 with few bonus tracks - "They saw their music as a revolutionary cultural force - a belief that radical musical forms must be part of positive social change. Despite this position, the group avoided dogma, clich and propaganda, preferring to let their audience come to their own conclusion.." 2022 €15.00