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Les Incarnes LP D'Autres Cordes DAC20141 solo album by this interesting French harp player, this is her first LP with two suspenseful side-long pieces using acoustic and electric harp and her voice in a very experimental way, creating tones and intensity you would never expect normally from a harp...."The way in which Breschand makes the harp resonate like a cello or violin is exceptional, and as it buzzes and shimmers into tightly-controlled flurries of feedback and reverb..." [FREQ] 2014 €18.00
Pandore CD Gazul GA8875 a most remarkable solo album (inspired by the Pandora myth) by this avantgardish Harpist from Paris, France => the 5 tracks sound very different from each other and range from almost "psychedelic" tunes (when the harp sounds more like an electric guitar) over very musical arrangements and poetic vocalizations, to more 'difficult' and noisy abstract sounds, a very wide and demanding palette of approaches with many surprises opens up....feat. ELLIOT SHARP on one track! TO DISCOVER !!! 2019 €13.00