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JŘrgen Eckloff liest Nietzsche / Es geht im Kreis herum LP 99%Wasser WVINYL 017 COLUMN ONE-member with two performance pieces: a circling soundtrack for "Der (halb) mechanische Derwisch" (Berlin, May 2010) on side A, Side B presents him reading repetitively FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE (but nothing more),recorded for TOCHNIT ALEPH October 2010; lim./numb. 199 copies with two inserts, lovely designed by ROBERT SCHALINSKI (please note that displayed here is the INNER sleeve, not the outer sleeve) 2012 €15.00
Angeflantschte FugenstŘcke LP 90% Wasser WVINYL021 seven pieces by the COLUMN ONE member and film-maker: Side A has a long piece with a mixture of location recordings (smacks and other concrete surprises recorded in a factory work floor?) developing into something surrealistic, used for an exhibition at 'Sibirische Zelle' in Berlin in 2004; Side B six shorter, newer tracks incl. a trilogy of four tracks (!) named MÍRTEL, all for his forthcoming film "Girls in Dirty Aprons", again with very concrete material, pushing your imagination... 2016 €15.00