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Aeon Synapses Connect CD-R Reverse Alignment RA-20 a new project by PER AHLUND (DISKREPANT, SKARE and lately SOPHIA) and JOHAN BOBERG, influenced by electro-acoustic music and EMS/Fylkingen; this duo creates a kind of cryptic "concrete ambience", atmospheric soundscapes with lots of near and present details and resonating sounds, rather calm & minimalistic.. they call it: "modular soundscapes resonating within the organic machinery feedback"; not the standard drone or dark ambient, definitely to discover !! 2016 €10.00
Astral Mechanics CD-R Reverse Alignment RA-24 the new project by Swedish sound artists PER AHLUND (DISKREPANT, SKARE and lately SOPHIA) and JOHAN BOBERG, with their second album for REVERSE ALIGNMENT, with three tracks (46 min) going into a more 'ambient' direction but using not the well known synth sounds, but more electro-magnetic and strangely pulsating hums.. electro-acoustic cosmic music? lim. 100 2016 €12.00
The Cloud Expedition CD-R Reverse Alignment RA-28 third album of exquisite cosmo-organic glitch ambience by the Swedish duo consisting of PER AHLUND (DISKREPANT, etc.) and JOHAN BOBERG, refering to phenomena of the Aerosphere... metallic drone resonances, strange crackles and winds form six non-ordinary pieces (45+ min.), lim. 100 2016 €12.00