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Cryptonesia LP ini.itu #1501 using 'exotic' Indonesian tape sources from the 80's, the re-arranged (&re-named) project of FRANS DE WAARD (BEEQUEEN, TOBACCONISTS, etc.) and ROEL MEELKOP creates a pretty unusual sound, the meeting of Asian ethno / gamelan sounds with experimental Pop, technoid rhythms and drones... " the unexpected meltpop child of dangdut and krautrock, filtered through electronica and post - exotica lenses." lim. 250 2015 €13.00
Plays GOEM CD Kvitnu KVITNU 36 WIEMAN is the new project of ROEL MEELKOP and FRANS DE WAARD (both were before in GOEM, too), exploring minimal shifting rhythmic loops & repetitive structures,with deep bassy pulses and whirring electronic expanses, becoming more and more complex & groovy, before droney vibrations take over again, very nice!! ... a one-tracker of 42 min. in several parts; comes w. nicely golden printed / embossed cover artwork by ZAVOLOKA 2015 €12.00
Alive Futarist Minifesta CD Korm Plastics KP 3062 / Attenuation Circuit ACU 1005 looking for a surprise? - the project of FRANS DE WAARD and ROEL MEELKOP will surely do it with this recording from 2014 dedicated to 100 years of Futurism; concrete mechanical noises & electronic sounds & robotic beats & voice material undergo a strange marriage... and there's much more! great ! edition of 200 copies 2016 €10.00