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Corrosive Shroud CD Cold Spring Records CSR211CD experimental / avantgardish industrial metal from Birmingham, their highly praised second album, using staggering metallic drums and ritualistic choirs along with incredibly deep vocals & distortion guitar/bass...intoxicating stuff! " At times darkly tribal, at times purely a punishingly black / industrial sort of more full-on GODFLESH...." [Terrorizer] 2015 €12.00
Governance CD Cold Spring CSR237CD third album for the new "industrial doom metal" heroes from Birmingham, UK, with strong experimental / ambient influences, using ethnic samples, etc.. .. "Governance is by far a more expressive release that gets progressively more experimental and harsher where sounds as diverse as noise and ambient seep into their immense distorted drenched based sound" [Compulsion Online] 2017 €12.00
Buried Steel CD Cold Spring CSR278CD brutal, mighty doom industrial noise with Zombie vocals by the duo of ANDY SWAN (FINAL, IROHA) and DAMIAN BENNET (TECHNO ANIMAL, CARTHAGE), who managed to collaborate with diverse guest musicians four this, their fourth album: STEPHEN MALLINDER (CABARET VOLTAIRE), STEPHEN BURROUGHS (HEAD OF DAVID, TUNNELS OF AH), and members of 16-17 and OXBOW; enough namedropping, this apocalyptic machine mind crusher has to be experienced!! 2020 €13.00