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Misery Lares do-LP PAN Records PAN 44 LP member of 3/4HADBEENELIMINATED (from Palermo, IT) with excellent solo-album, a special form of extremely abstract musique concrete collages (often you really don't know about the original sound sources) with hardly recognizable narrative elements (from Dante, Guido Ceronetti, H.P. Lovecraft, E.M. Cioran, The Ecclesiastes - in hebrew); an album filled with dense textures, tension, intensity and unusual sounds! comes in PAN typical silkscreened PVC sleeve 2014 €28.50
Clonic Earth do-LP PAN Records PAN 71 after his great "Misery Lares" do-LP on the same label VALERIO TRICOLI is back with five long new compositions => experimental transcension drones with breathtaking streams of mind-absorbing microsounds flowing magnetically through the space, often voice material is processed, and there also weird collages with field recordings and silent interruptions... so abstract, surrealistic, mysterious and unique! 2016 €27.50
Say Goodbye to the Wind Shelter Press 139cd CD newest work by the gifted Italian composer known for his great "Misery Lares" album, musique concrete collages with emotional depth, the title is inpired by a J:G.BALLARD story... feat. IDA TONINATO, he reaches the same intensitiy as for example. LIONEL MARCHETTI.. - lim. 500 copies, special cover 2022 €18.50