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Unsichtbare Zwillinge CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACLE 1009 surrealistic low fi / noise music by this North German duo on their first outing, camouflaging the original sounds in washes of distortion, feedback and noise until they are unrecognizable and alienated in a strange way... "an intriguing sound puzzle"... only 20 copies made ! 2014 €7.00
Die Gespenstische Misthaufen-Konserve CD-R Attenuation Circuit ACK 1014 North Germanys best hiddden secret and the last existing "Freak" in the commune of Beverstedt with his second album for Attenuation Circuit: on one long tracker (48+ min) using tapes, synths and bells he creates granular harsh noise with a very direct, low fi approach.... for fans of CARSTEN VOLLMER, MERZBOW, GEHIRN.IMPLOSION; lim. 50 copies 2016 €6.00