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Forever in another World LP Oaken Palace Records OAK-002 first album of a trio feat. AIDAN BAKER on guitar, GARETH SWEENEY on bass and FELIPE SALAZAR on drums, creating a spacey form of slow and floating psychedelic jazz drone and Krautrock...hypnotic & elevating; lim. 500 and dedicated to the European ground squirrel (all profits from this release go to a Nature Preservation Union) 2013 €18.50
Ascension CD Consouling Sounds SOUL0038 the second album by the elevated 'Kraut / Drone / Space-Rock' Trio with AIDAN BAKER on guitar, recorded June 2013 in a studio in Berlin; "a rich and imaginative album for fans of fuzzy soundscapes!" 2014 €12.00
Murk 12inch Midira Records MD015 absolute last copies of this rare long-play 12" with two long pieces by the "Trance-Punk-Trio" from Berlin, with influences from Kraut & Drone... => "Murk" is a dark and subtle instrumental piece evolving around a hypnotic bass-line, with dense psychedelic overflow... the B-Side is like a continuation of Side A with sound more floating effects and noises.. great 12", 28 min long, only 125 copies, comes in simple black sleeve and on BROWN vinyl 2015 €14.00
Fight Cry Fight LP Drone Rock Records DRR015 third album by the "trancepunk" trio from Berlin (GARETH SWEENEY - bass,; FELIPE SALAZAR - drums, AIDAN BAKER - guitar) => "Bakerĺs multi-layered, heavily affected guitar overlays Sweeney and Salazarĺs driving, propulsive rhythm section creating music equally influenced by krautrock, post-punk, and spacerock"... 2018 €18.00
Let's all take the yellow Pills LP Kapitńn Platte - KUTTER 045 the trance / drone - krautrock outfit from Berlin with their fourth vinyl release, most subtle, hypnotic, instrumental and very clear structured pieces... with AIDAN BAKER on guitar,GARETH SWEENEY on bass, FELIPE SALAZAR on drums.. "A great release that would be wonderful in an endless loop.." [Expose] 2018 €16.50