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same CD Cyclic Law 64th Cycle debut album of a Finnish duo (with => TERVAHT connection) producing very refined, perfectly balanced "handplayed" ritual drone with very hypnotic and slow contemplative percussion and spheric electro choirs....this is dark cosmic ambience with the drive to completely dissolve into the universe.. very beautiful, dark, elevating, 3 long epic pieces (49+ min) of superb dark ambience... lim. 500 2014 €13.00
II - Syvys CD Cyclic Law 112th Cycle second album by the Finnish project, four long movements of dark shimmering 'cosmic' electro ambience, less ritualistic and rhythmic as before, elegant woven together... "The soundscapes quickly pull the listener into their grasp, opening us to feelings of awe, oneness and respite. The long track lengths, instead of making the album boring, turn it into a highly meditative medium, one that Ive incorporated into yoga, and one which is also quite perfect for drifting off to sleep." [This is Darkness] 2018 €13.00