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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Markoff Process CD RRRecords RRR15CD   1994 €13.00
Headlock CD ReR Megacorp TD1 re-issue of the very first DUMIZIO LP from 1989 - raw and overtopping, at times almost wild noise & drone experiments, but also more quiet pieces, pointing already out to later, more ambient works... BACK IN STOCK 1998 €14.00
Amid Zero Echo do-10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-20 the jubilee release, a double-10" in gatefold cover with four breathtaking drones by Californian sound-designer & multi-experimentalist THOMAS DIMUZIO, whose massive hypnotic soundscapes already released in the 90's were much ahead of the time! Comes with great gatefold-cover art by MARS WELLINK, lim. 500, clear vinyl! 2014 €20.00
Balance (Duos, Trios, Combos) 3 x CD Gench Music TD234 CDX3 extensive, amazing collection of DIMUZIO live collabs! => "49 Artists, 28 shows, 10 years - Thomas Dimuzio and friends deliver a stunning live anthology of noise, dark ambient, textural, experimental, and electro-acoustic music in distinct duo, trio, and combo configurations. Exquisite excerpts combine the sublime synergy of live spontaneous music with the visceral energy of the stage across this colossal and compelling collection." feat. i.e. ILLUSION OF SAFETY, ARCANE DEVICE, BOB BELLERUE, A. COURTIS,.. 2020 €22.00
Slew Tew Cd-R Gench Music rare release, US-import, almost impossible to find in EU! => a collector of compilation tracks from the Drone / Sample / Buchla master 2020 €15.00
Sutro Transmissions LP Resipiscent RSPT052 the master of surrealistic, multi-layered sound-shaping from San Francisco created this new album for the first time entirely on BUCHLA synths, incorporating a polyphonic FM tuner to add radio live transmission material => two long tracks that drone and oscillate in different directions, from strangely shredded passages to more quiet and spacious aural areas... - "improvised synergy of mind and machine in real-time"... lim. 300 with letterpress cover and DL code 2020 €22.50