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In Wooden Room CD Evil Dead Productions EDP 009 very recommended newest album by these Siberian dark archaic droners, perfect stuff if you like the "old school" handmade atmospheric noises => always pulsating, sounding somehow 'metallic' & overtuned, monumental & massive... reminds on the more noisy side of MAEROR TRI, NOISE-MAKER'S-FIFES, etc... 2012 €12.00
Shifting Soil CD Evil Dead Productions EDP 008 the rusty & rough sounds of bass-tunes & metal objects combined with sombre ambient atmospheres, building fragmented structures of decay & dust... (also strange acoustics as soil & mouth harp are used in a very creative way...) - stunning recordings full of tension by this experimental project from Siberia, to discover ! 2012 €12.00
Ash CD Evil Dead Productions EDP 010 new material 2012 - 2013.. third part of trilogy (with Shifiting Soil & Wooden Room) by this strong 'old school industrial' outfit from Ekaterinburg, Russia... a very low-fi, powerful, handplayed pulsating wall of sound with entrancing effect - "bass guitar, spiral springs, samples and natural elements (steel slabs, sand, dry branches, stones)" 2013 €12.00
Window of Eric Zann CD Evil Dead Productions EDP 018 newest album by the "old school" industrial project from Siberia, inspired by H.P. LOVECRAFTs novels: using spiral springs and steel slabs for their echo-percussion and a distorted bass along with vocal samples, synths and violin, this is a most powerful and eerie release, imagine old NEUBAUTEN combined with GODFLESH and LAIBACH, without rhythms... 2016 €12.00