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Mix-Up CD Mute CABS 8CD the very first album of the electronic post punk / industrial pioneers from Sheffield UK (1979), available now as mid-price re-issue! - *a great snapshot of a brief period in post-punk UK when there was a sudden urge to grapple with a bizarre, homemade, hamfisted white dub landscape.* 2013 €10.00
The Original Sound Of Sheffield '78 / '82. Best Of CD Mute CABS 16CD a collection of 14 tracks from the probably best period of the CABS, taken from various 12"es, 7", and albums from their early "industrial" days.. - special priced now 2013 €10.00
The Voice of America CD Mute CABS the CD version / re-issue of album from 1980, their second LP... - *the music keeps moving outward, emitting boomerang-like signals that are only coming back to us today: The Moog-y skronk of 'Partially Submerged', part Krautrock and part free-jazz, anticipates Cologne's unfettered improv glitches, Radiohead's sprawling rock, and Aphex Twin's Dramamine ambiance.* [SF weekly] - special offer ! 2013 €10.00