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Behind closed Curtains do-CD Klanggalerie gg193 for the first time on CD: the "Tap dancing in Slush" EP and the "Behind closed Curtains" LP from 1978/1979 by the pre RENALDO & THE LOAF project, which were both never realized; plus bonus CD with very early previously unreleased recordings: "Rotcodism" 2014 €21.00
Arabic Yodelling + Grain by Grain (for Accuracy) do-CD Klanggalerie gg207 re-issue of their third album from 1983 (the second for Ralph Records), plus another CD of collected unfinished pieces and rare material rec. around the same time, all re-mastered from the original tapes 2015 €20.00
Gurdy Hurding CD Klanggalerie gg233 incredible: 30 years after their last album RENALDO & THE LOAF are back with a NEW studio recording release! "immediately recognizable, with goofy voices and exaggerated accents, bizarre lyrics involving topics like garden gnome bedmates or a hatred of soap, non-obvious chords and melodies, acoustic instruments played abnormally and extreme sound manipulation to make everything sound unnatural." [The Pulse] 2016 €14.50
The Elbow is Taboo & Elbonus do-CD Klanggalerie gg213 re-issue of their fourth album from 1987 (on Some Bizarre Rec.!) using and endless list of analogue instruments, plus the legendary 12" "Hambu Hodo" (1986, Some Bizarre); the last recorded material by the unique duo (consisting of a pathologist and an architect) who discovered by THE RESIDENTS 2016 €19.00
Song of the Lungfish 12inch Psychofon Records PR 031-C elaborated designed 4-track 12" (with flourescent colours + art insert) with the title track using lyrics send in by a fan, all new material recorded after their re-union, 2017-2019... - "They continue to record and explore their decidedly individual unclassifiable sound world. Although the words surreal, playful, timeless, ethnographic, electronic, punk and oddly folk-ish have been used in attempt to describe their music." - lim. 100 copies only, numbered ed, BLACK vinyl 2019 €25.00