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Magma CD Monochrome Vision (mv40) micro-sounding / electro-acoustic dronescapes with many details, one long one-tracker by this Greek newcomer, to discover ! 2011 €12.00
Manifold Vista CD Auf Abwegen aatp89 Six new floating and dense pieces by Greek composer, producer, and sound artist Thanos Chrysakis. Rarely can something so meticulously assembled together sound so fluid. A distinct, disciplined sense for composition emerges from each of these drone-ambient / experimental works, displaying formal integrity while at the same time, they are also effervescent, forceful, fiercely idiosyncratic and beautifully shaped and transformed. "Manifold Vista" discloses an expanded and detailed vista of sound's interiority forming a strangely pleasurable, not to mention engaging, experience. 2023 €13.00