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Autohimmelfahrt LP KRACHdurchFREUDE Nummer 5 the one and only LP for this remarkable 'free style/industrial/avantgarde/impro/punk/no wave" band from Hamburg feat. SEEMANN (now in CZEPOKS), using bass-saxophon-percussion-stylofon-violin-voice-guitar-electronics, they had german vocals and the angryness and directness of early 80's German New Wave & Punk; A must have for everyone interested in the Hamburg experimental & noise underground! 2002 €12.00
Feng Shui Katastrophen CD-R Wachsender Prozess this rare album appeared shortly after their excellent "Autohimmelfahrt" LP - the free jazz/noise/industrial collective recorded 9 pieces at the "Free Radio Kombinat" F.S.K. in Hamburg, all entitled with shortcuts for FSK like "Frh Sport Kadaver", "Fliegen Schiss Katapult", etc.. - these are highly demanding impro and collage noise pieces with roaring drums, guitars, sax, all kinds of found sounds, emerging powerfully from the chaos.. full colour 7" cover 2004 €8.00
Nothing Hurt as played CD-R Tumorchester - self released the biggest part of this album consists of studio recordings made in Vaals (Netherlands) which shows the more quiet and 'focused', structured side from the Hamburg-based "all experimental genres" - band, combining Jazz influences with Rock and Industrial effects and pure experimental improvisation... 2005 €8.00
Melodien fr Selbstabholer do-CD Tumorchester the experimental Jazz / NoWave/ Noise ensemble from Hamburg here with 6 performing musicians on two violins, bass, electronics, sax, drums & percussion and chinese flute => two CDs full of studiorecordings made in 2009, spreading in all directions from soft and harmonic to loud and chaotic, comes w. handmade paper / cardboard cover 2011 €13.00