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Harbour CD Herbal International Concrete Disc 1002 unprocessed field recordings from harbours made in Germany & Finland: gangways, tunnels, bridges, ships, boats, ferries, floating docks, coastal birds, with wind, water and machines. 8 tracks of quite fascinating concrete sound-environments recorded 1999-2007, on this label from Malaysia 2010 €14.00
Helgoland CD Gruenrekorder Field Recording Series GRUEN 109 16 pure high quality field recordings from Germany's only ocean island, densely populated by marine birds => capturing the water, wind, and animals (especially marine birds) of this rough place at different locations (also from cliffs and caves normally not accessible); feat. a full colour booklet with extensive liner notes & photos...very much in the vein of CHRIS WATSONs or FRANCISCO LOPEZ unprocessed wildlife recordings, this is filled with a very personal approach, recorded over a period of 3 years 2013 €14.00
Schwarm MC Alarm AT015 field recordings made from airplanes recorded at the "flight corridor" near Frankfurt-Airport served as basis for this 30 min. long composition... lim. 80 2015 €10.00