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Three strange Angels CD Tzadik TZ 8059 re-issue of GARLANDS masterpiece from 1992 ("Border Music"), drawing inspiration from Native American and Mexican Ritual Music, often powerful sounds are created by percussion & piano, but there are also more mellow flute & harp pieces; - the soundtrack to CARLOS CASTANEDA's "Teachings of Don Juan" ? This re-issue has additional live material not on the original release 2008 €16.00
String Quartets CD Cold Blue Music CB0031 "In Praise of Pool Scholars" & "Crazy Cloud" - two new chamber music string quartets (2 x violins, 1 x viola, 1 x cello) performed by 'Apartment House', a British ensemble for New Music, showing PETER GARLANDS unparalleled composing skills, harmonic, minimal & very focused... 2009 €14.00