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Moltiplicazioni CD Lisca Records LISCA 006 very experimental droning noise-scapes, undecipherable acoustic sources, feedbacks, fragmented sounds.. great debut album by this so far (for us) unknown Italian artist, also a member of VIPCANCRO... to discover ! 2010 €12.00
Fuochi Rituali Di San Giuseppe CD Unfathomless U36 field recordings from a pagan bonfire ritual (where a puppet symbolizing the winter is burnt) made in the night of 19. March, 2014, in the province Lucca in Tuscany: sounds of crackling fire, people & chilrden gathered around it, the frying of oil on the fire and firewood were used and processed to create a somehow intimate composition of mysterious concrete sounds, with strange smackling and gurgling overtones... very special! lim. 200 ful colour cover with art card 2016 €14.00
Palsecam LP Aposiopese APO 017 SENSUAL but RAW tracks with material from old VHS tapes, mixed with the mechanical OBJECT sounds from the VHS players itself, very original stuff, our highest recommendation! - *The result is a complication of inside and outside sounds: distant, gesturing snippets of semi-remembered, half-imagined films compete with TV cathode burn, tracking stutters, mechanical interference, and vrit whirrs and clicks that could only come from that original reproducer of dreams, the VHS player..* 2023 €20.00