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The Visitors LP Alt.Vinyl av037 after the great 7" on Lumberton this is the very first solo LP/album for the ex VOLCANO THE BEAR - an incredible record full of weird, melancholic & unsettling arrangements (using often vocal & instrumental sources but also simple electronics, loops & tapes), at times it sounds like a more orchestral/humming version of GHEDALIA TAZARTES, then more 80's styled similar to RESIDENTS or RENALDO & THE LOAF, all lovely surreal; lim. 250 copies, very much recommended for explorers of the unexpectable.. 2012 €16.50
Here begins the Great Destroyer CD Lumberton Trading Company LUMB024 2nd full solo album by NICK MOTT (ex VOLCANO THE BEAR) who also works as a visual artist, presenting a surrealistic, complex song realm again - "a world of unfolding electronic textures, uneasy tones, rhythmic bursts, and a general sense of things not being quite as they seem"... unusual instrumental, bell & chime structures and quasi-rhythmic loops, weird vocal sounds, abrupt changes and cuts, often harmonic in a wonderful way.... an album full of surprises & hidden beauty, genius stuff !! 2015 €13.00