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Factory Ritual (white vinyl) LP Tesco Organisation TESCO 133 'The post-industrial music pioneer from Japan, surprises once again with simplistic purity in noise and sound. field recordings, junk noise and rhythms, organs and distinctive vocals - a mixture towards another great GRIM experience. - Attention: The distorted infernal ending of the proclaimed "Factory Ritual" can only be accomplished at ones own peril. CAUTION: No liability for brain-, nerve- and machine-damage ! THIS GETS LOUD AND EAR PIERCING!' lim. 250 white vinyl, A4 booklet 2019 €23.00
Message LP Urashima UMA 165 first ever re-issue of the 6 song EP from 1987, feat. members of VASILISK, a true collector's item, instead of harsh industrial attacks this goes into a spheric 60's / 70's folk / pop / psychedelia direction... - this re-issue has 6 bonus tracks with new re-workings by GRIM of the old tracks.. completely different and noisy but with the original material shining through..... to add another obscurism to this most obscure but lovely artefact - lim. 199 copies, already rare again ! 2022 €29.00
Therianthropy 7inch + BOOK Ant-Zen act438 4-track 7" vinyl EP plus 48 pages fineart hardcover book, the 2nd chapter... - "An album about the mythological ability of individuals to shapeshift into animals or hybrids ? Brilliant. The experimental, tribal, eastern music references in the rhythms and overall sound could make shapeshifting possible!" [blauerosen] - lim. 200, sold out at the label! 2023 €35.00