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Cooties LP Death Waltz Records CAT NO. DW053 this is KRENGS first soundtrack work for a "big" movie, an ironic horror comedy about school-kids turning into Zombies & killing their teachers after eating tainted chicken nuggets; a big step into a different direction for KRENG, surprising on any of 22 (!) tracks, between dark- & weirdness..."long sprawls of DJ Shadow like beat driven grooviness, or swirly, symphonic exotica, or hushed, somber shimmer, it's all woven together into a proper album, that is a pretty fantastic listen.." [Aquarius Rec.] 2015 €35.00
The Summoner LP Miasmah Recordings MIALP030 four years after the last KRENG album "Grimoire" this intense & claustrophobic new work reflects the undergoing of the "5 stages of mourning" (adding a new stage in between - "The Summoning") after loss => using the sounds of 12 string players & wall of noises provided by a Belgian doom metal band, this album creates extreme tension, dramatic phases, existential emotions... comes in beautiful die-cut cover with thick full colour inner sleeves 2015 €17.00
Camino - Original Soundtrack do-LP INVADA INV163 original Soundtrack for this high class thriller by JOSH WALLER; KRENGs second soundtrack work, full of tension, darkness and pounding elements, electronic and classic foundations... lim. 500 clear vinyl, gatefold cover with booklet & download code - on the label of GEOFF BARROW (PORTISHEAD) 2016 €28.00
Selfed (SOLD OUT) do-10inch Substantia Innominata SUB-23 An Interplay of Circling Dynamics! KRENGS most intense soundtrack in three parts for a solo dance performance choreography by KEVIN TRAPPENIERS, relating to the phenomenum of 'Self-Pollination' in Biology ; a double 10" (45 rpm) in full colour gatefold sleeve, first ed. of 498 copies; two different coloured vinyls, the fourth side has a 'clear on red' etching with the credits, something you have never seen before!!!! 2016 €25.00  
Lowlife LP PIAS UK / Invada Records KRENGS third soundtrack for a bigger movie, he is already compared with CLIFF MARTINEZ ("Drive", "Solaris") for his originality..."Tonal shifts from comedy to tragedy to everywhere in between work with Kreng's deft hand guiding the madness... he's somehow made a score that both completely supports the film and stands on its own as a great work of art" [Ryan Prows, Director] a one time pressing of 500 copies on violet vinyl 2018 €26.00
Works for Abattoir Ferme 2007-2011 4 x LP BOX Miasmah MIA 020RE-LP the long awaited re-issue of KRENGS masterpiece, a perfect mixture of dark drones & sombre neo classic tunes! => "slow, skin-crawling cinematic ambience made for the Belgian theater group Abattoir Ferme. you are transported through the most terrifying, shadow-filled, downright bizarre moments of the subconscious.." - each LP with extra artwork, lim. 300 copies in box with silver tone print 2022 €65.00