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Voices of the Cosmos CD Beast of Prey bop 7.5 / ETER Records eter 12 "Beyond a certain point, the whole universe becomes a continous process of initiation" [ROBERT ANTON WILSON] - new collab project from Poland feat. RAFAL IWANSKI of HATI and WOJCIECH ZIEBA (aka INFAMIS) - creating strong experimental drone pieces with electronic and acoustic means, using original extraterrestrial sounds captured from space and sounds from space missions....; the CD has also two video-tracks ! 2011 €12.00
Voices of the Cosmos II CD Beast of Prey bop 7.8 / ETER Records eter 14 second album of the new project from Poland formed by RAFAL IWANSKI (HATI) and WOJCIECH ZIEBA (aka INFAMIS), dedicated to combine real exterrestrial 'space' sounds (radio telescope) and electroacoustic experimentation - this time focused on radio signals related to sun activities; much of the material has been recorded at a Planetarium in Grudziadz => the perfect soundtrack to Aurora Borealis phenomena !! 2013 €12.00