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Four Drivers CD Impulsy Stetoskopu IS025 long minimal / mechanized drones, ever shifting overtune clouds; created with an "upright piano harp" powered by four ventilators, lim. 250 in canvas envelope, NEW material 2010 €12.00
Keep the Drum CD New Forces NF103 re-issue of earliest solo cassette from 1990 (Apraxia) with 14 tracks recorded in Denver 1987-1990: very raw + direct metal object recordings (hubcaps, metal sheets, junk), from percussive noises to surface drones he explores this 'alternative drumk-kit" in any possible way.. - *The sounds on this disc crackle, pop, and thud. Each tactile scrape conjures up the rusted edge of some bit of scrap-metal as the ambiance of the physical space hums in the background.* - US-import ! 2021 €14.00