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Hellstation CD Tesco Organisation TESCO 075 "Music for the Prekariat" - new project by members of GENOCIDE ORGAN & ANENZEPHALIA with first album 2011 €15.00
Zone 0 LP Tesco Org. TESCO 098 staggering, sluggish, slow waving industrial noise, the second recommended LP by KE/HIL ("The Saints of the Scum"), white vinyl lim. 250, last copies.. "reports from precarious minds and worlds, written in analogue noise reflecting degenerated inner city life and death. Observing non-zones, non-objects and especially non-subjects. Nightmarish sounds and rhythms beat the pulse of cities and areas in agony. It could be your city! it could be you" 2015 €18.00
Syndrome / Antidrome LP Tesco Org. TESCO 113 the last full album by the GENOCIDE ORGAN offshoot, feat. 2 G.O. members... "Follow KE/HIL on their way through ruins that no one sees - hear screams no one hears - exist! , so no one else does. ... " - ed. of 500 copies, two different covers on white or black vinyl (each 250 copies) 2017 €19.00