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Coldwater Basin LP Alga Marghen plana-C alga037 recordings from 1961 (!) made in New York City, a home recording of water running from a faucet into a sink; feat. BILL FONTANA on microphone; last copies of this rare & obscure LP, front cover design by PHILIP CORNER himself; lim. 180 copies only ! 2011 €23.00
Italian Air: Wind, Water & Metal LP Ricerca Sonora RS1 three previously unreleased pieces recorded all outdoors in Italy (1990-1996), mixing raw field recordings of water, rain & thunder with cymbals, alphorn & gong. Great atmospheric stuff (very low fi & rough & minimal) by this long active FLUXUS member and GAMELAN orchestra player; lim. 300 copies, comes with full-colour inlay & info sheet. FIRST EDITION ! 2012 €18.50
Battutosso / Bone Pulse (and other Nature Musics) LP Ricerca Sonora RS5 obscure recordings of PHILIP CORNER performing (or letting perform) on a pair of bones, various cow bells & a dancer, natural flute & breath, and a xylophon sculpture.. - this is where Fluxus concepts & improvised meditation sounds meet.. lim. 300 2013 €15.00
Through the two more than mysterious Barricades LP Roaratorio roar 36 two sessions recorded on piano, one from 1992 in collaboration with dancer PAULETTE SEARS (who sings and screams during the dance), one from 2004 which is heavy distorted through technical limitations.. lim./numbered ed. 318 copies using Kozo rice paper for the artwork, + two inlays 2014 €23.00