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Plutonian Dub (SOLD OUT) 7inch Drone Records DR-20 lim. 250 1997  
Songs from the other Side of Emptiness LP + 7inch Lullabies for Insomniacs LFI004 collection of material from their 4 CDs (1990-1995), for the first time on vinyl!=> LIFE GARDEN (ex MAYBE MENTAL) was a kind of ethno-industrial group and had a great EP on Drone Records (DR-20 in 1997); similar to VOICE OF EYE, they established a unique style 2017 €20.00
The Living Room Tapes MC Dawn Ride DR-1 rare cassette-only release (C-90!) with a collection of rare and unreleased material by the mythical LIFE GARDEN with singer SU LING; professional cover + duplication and most extensive, new liner notes by DAVID OLIPHANT of LG; US-import, very hard to find in EU 2017 €12.00