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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Flows out CD Waystyx Records WAYS 04 lim. 777 copies, special cardboard pack. with diverse print-inlays 2003 €13.00
Spill Drop CD / object Waystyx WE 09 lim. 410 copies / printed rubber-cover, very thick ! 2005 €13.00
Ripple CD Ant-Zen act211 the dark, rhythmic & electronic side of C.O. - always on the border to collaged weirdness 2007 €14.00
Escape CD Ant-Zen act261 new album by Japanese's most uncategorizable experimental project, "with influences ranging from ambient, dub, idm/electronica and electro to dark ambient and noise.." 2011 €13.50
Division and Combination CD Phage Tapes PT:199 material collected from various rare compilations that appeared 1995-2009; dispersing the pretty unique C.O. style in a very successful way... "varied between tracks, including industrial synth beats, guitar based atmosphere and noise collage" 2013 €10.00
Live at Maschinenfest 2018 MC Raubbau RAUB-064 the cassette-only live series on the Berlin based label goes on, high quality design and MP3 download included, perfect sound.. "...this perfectly shows the progression from the 2008 performance made available last year: gone are the idm leanings, the co sound of the 2010s (which is presented here) is even more a language of its own, abrasive and accessible, palpable and psychedelic at the same time." 100 copies 2019 €10.00
Live at Maschinenfest 2001 MC Raubbau RAUB-086 this very limited tape dives back deeply into the history of the Maschinenfest festival, when the Japanese "beyond all genres" act performed an outstanding entertaning set, with obscurest samples in wild combinations, found sounds, field recordings, electronic sounds, animal noises, cheesy beats, stupid human speech, orchestral music snippets, anything a brain can imagine, it's all yer in... lim. 50 copies only, extraordinaire packaging !! 2021 €12.00