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Henosis I-V CD Zoharum ZOHAR 132-2 after the collab/split with 1000SCHOEN the Polish transcension ambience project is back with this work in five movements (Henosis = unity), this is multi-layered synth muzak carefully constructed for full waving efffect, at times reminding on old BAD SECTOR... "It comes across as a bunch of tormented church organs that over the course over several hundred years have been left outside in the acid rain and just recently have been dusted off to play some music again" [Frans de Waard] 2016 €12.00
Henosis VI - XI CD Zoharum ZOHAR 212-2 the sequel to "Henosis I-V" (2016) has an even stronger 'cosmic' synth touch, when sequencer sounds build the basis for the almost orchestral formations, sometimes overwhelmingly floating, sometimes more subtle and melancholic...."It's the cinematic experience of the synth passages that make you even think of the darker paths that Tangerine Dream took but never losing its post-industrial core with Coil in mind." [Felt Hat Reviews] - 300 copies 2020 €12.00