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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Rainbow Mask LP Omnimemento om02 first recordings (2006) by this new project feat. HITOSHI KOJO, lim. 200 orange vinyl / lim. 250 clear vinyl; full colour cover 2010 €19.50
Animalia Corolla CD Omnimomento om 04 newest release by the great project of HITOSHI KOJO & CAROLE ZWEIFEL, they call it "cosmopolitan folklore music" - gaining back the sensitivity for the animals, plants and minerals around us; very handmade felt-cover, lim. 88, fabric-pressed CD 2012 €15.00
Alpen Ocean LP Omnimemento OM 09 the final release by this duo of CAROLE & HITOSHI KOJO with their warm shimmering & wide harmonic ambience using many instrumental sources, human voice / chants & field recordings with an organic touch... a gritting overtune-symphony...celebrating the deep connection to the landscapes, plants & animals around... beautiful & elevating ! lim. 250 copies 2013 €19.50