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Au Seuil de la Liberte 7 Absurd #79 the Greek Drone Records artist also known as HELICE PIED, NIXILX.NIJILX and BLANCO ESTIRA NUESTRO now under his "real name"; a lovely 45 rpm disc inspired by RENE MARGRITTEs painting from 1937. coloured vinyl 2009 €6.00
Small Hand of Bronze. 24 Poems & 14 Images BOOK Editions Fafroulas nice little artbook with poetry & visuals in English & Greece by Drone Records-artist SOCRATES MARTINIS also known as HELICE PIED, NIXILX.NIJILX, and BLANCO ESTIRA NUESTRO (+) HERMANA HELICE; "a geometry of elements from his personal mythology", influenced by MARCEL DUCHAMP, GEORGES BATAILLE, GIACOMO BALLA... like his soundworks, very philosophic, hermetic & thoughtful. 90 pages 2010 €10.00
On Motion, Stasis and the Geometry of Desire MC Antifrost afro 2058 discover the microworlds inside the macroworld - different levels of environmental atmospheric noises, direct & rough... obscure & very abstract sounding MC (C-20) by this true Greek experiMENTAList - ex HELICE PIED (DR-83) & NIXILX.NIJILX, lim. 60 copies, professional cover & duplication (printed tapes); BACK IN STOCK last copies 2012 €8.00