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Promising project from the United States formed by ALLAN ZANE and LIZ LANG. ALLAN has worked with JOHN MURPHY (SPK, SWORD VOLCANO COMPLEX, etc.) in the past and also released with RATS WITH WINGS, GX JUPITTER-LARSEN, NOCTURNAL EMISSIONS, IRR.APP.(EXT.), etc.. and solo works. Forthcoming CD includes the works of VAL DENHAM and PBK. LIZ is also active as AURACENE and has had a very successful CD with RIVER GUERGUERIAN.

Current Discography
(as of 1/23/2009):

--- “Live at Mercury-Free Retrograde 09/23/00” 3 private edition(s) CD-R’s of 3, 23, and 23 copies on DIS‘S pFIFA (Dp007). 2001-2003. -First personal edition of 3 copies made specifically for Bryin Dall, Derek Rush, and Genesis P.-Orridge (2001). -Second objet d’art private-edition of 23 copies (2002). -Third private-edition(s) to the sum of 23 copies (2003): 3 boxed-sets with unique insert, object d’art packaging, and T-shirt. 7 with slightly different objet d’art packaging. 13 with “standard” packaging.

---(irr.app.(ext.)/WYRM): “Hypothetical Tardigrade Resurrection 1”/”Labyrinth Defector” split 7” to the sum of 333 copies on Somnimage (som10013). 2003. -33 edition (aka “Help H30” edition) with unique Matt Waldron artwork and objet d’art packaging on white vinyl . -300 standard packaging on white vinyl.

--- "Wrong Gede (Extended Mix)" CD-R on Somnimage (somCDR001) 2004. Die-cut sleeve w/computer art by Allan Zane limited to 23 copies.

---(WYRM / Mykel Boyd): “Wrong Gede/Oiseau Part Five” 8" Lathe Cut Record shaped like a triangle on Somnimage (SOMLC001) 2006. Signed and numbered and limited to 50 copies.

---(Rats With Wings + WYRM): " D.I.S.C. (Death Inducing Signaling Complex)" CD-R on ROIL (RNOCDR044) 2006. Standard edition (100 copies) AND the objet d'art edition (11 copies in 7" sleeve w/painted 7" record and a microwaved CD-R bonus).

--- "Gnothi Seauton" c20 on PsychForm (PFmc04) 2007. Features a Psychic TV cover--limited to 50 copies.

---(V/A): "Radio Interference From Unknown Orgasm" CD on Somnimage (Somnimage200701) 2007. Standard edition of 400 and artist edition of 100 that comes w/signed and numbered Val Denham artwork print.

---(WYRM featuring Kenji Siratori): "Artificial Sun" CD-R on ROIL (RNOCDR076) 2007. Unlimited Edition.

---"aaf" c40 box-set on Black Horizons (bh21) 2007. Limited edition of 93 copies in jewelry box with insert, feather, and wrapped cassette.

--- "aaf" lathe-cut LP on Black Horizons (bh21) 2007. Limited edition of 23 copies in hand-made photo-mount jackets.

--- (V/A): "Trunculence" locked-groove 7" on NO PART OF IT (Arvo001) 2008. First edition on red vinyl that comes in a 10" jacket limited to 300 copies.

---"Live at Josephine--Seattle, Wa 12/13/08" private-edition CD DIS'S pFIFA (Dp08) 2009. Lightscribe disc, hand-numbered in clam-shell case. LIMITED TO 13 COPIES.

Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Live on KSER.org The Tunnel 90.7 MFR 12.12.2008 CD-R Impulsy Stetoskopu #022 WYRM is the project of ALLAN ZANE & LIZ LANG; flickering & pulsating dronescapes, somewhere between ZOVIET FRANCE and BIG CITY ORCHESTRA, complex & breathing drone-structures, lim./numb. 111 copies in amazing handmade art-package (silver-foam stuff) 2009 €10.00
Divination Bones pic-7 Drone Records DR-99 Drone Records DR-99 lim. 250 PICTURE DISC! EXTREME HANDMADE / HANDPAINTED COVER! 2010 €8.50
Divination Bones (2nd extended ed.) 7 Drone Records DR-99 (2nd) second edition with revised & complete versions of both tracks previously released as a picture-7"; silver coloured vinyl & new full cover design, ed. of 400 (of which only 150 are for sale as single copies); FREE TO ALL (excl. postage) WHO ALREADY HAVE THE PICTURE DISC / FIRST EDITION 2011 €6.00