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Xax LP Lisca Records 001 avant drone noise outfit from Italy: Bass / Percussion / Tapes / Electronics / Voice / Metal, feat. ANDREA BORGHi ; You can feel that this Italian quartet tries to sound like no one else, these are raw and suspenseful dronescapes with occasional outbursts, full of overtunes & small feedbacks, evoking quite a mysterious atmosphere... numbered edition of 150 copies, oversized cover with revits; special offer last copies !! 2009 €10.00
Tropico CD Lisca Records LISCA 007 second album (after the XAX LP) by this Italian drone-noise / ambient collective; very low fi & flowing feedbackin' stuff that morphs & shifts, based on guitar-sounds, synths, voices, etc... raw drones with a touch of mystery, drifting more and more into otherworlds... recommended ! 2010 €12.00