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Synapses CD Selektion SHS 005 the French musicians and sound artists "play" this hanging installation, consisting of diverse string and percussion instruments plus metal resonators - all interconnected with diverse strings - when one string is touched the resulting sound is transfered to the next resonater, so one actions causes several acoustic events.. - recorded in Paris 1996/1998, reminds of NOISE-MAKER'S FIFES, ORGANUM, MORPHOGENESIS, etc..- comes with fold out / full colour inlay - mix: ERIC LA CASA ; BACK IN STOCK! 1999 €13.00
De Proche en Proche CD Monotype Records mono061 ERIC CORDIER: amplified and effected Hurdy-Gurdy (Drehorgel), J-L. GUIONNET: amplified church organ => a live recording made in Metz, France, in Feb. 2004, 5 movements 72+ minutes => the noises from the room and the rattling instruments merge gradually with the drones and tones of the organs, this has a nice intimate impro drone quality, quite special and surprising.. 2013 €12.00