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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Consolation CD Omnempathy RE:SCD02 first HUMAN GREED album from 2001 - a desolate, filmic & silent ambient collage.... 2001 €13.00
Black Hill: Midnight at the Blighted Star CD Lumberton Trading Company LUMB011 third album from this project from Edinburgh, feat. guest appearances by JULIA KENT, CLODAGH SIMMONS (FOVEA HEX), DAVID TIBET, FABRIZIO MODONESE PALUMBO (LARSEN) 2008 €14.50
Fortress Longing CD Omnempathy OMIC2 fourth album by the project of MICHAEL BEGG - mesmerizing poetic & acoustic ambience noir, feat. many guest-musicians as JULIA KENT or LAURA SHEERAN; creating a very filmic & melancholic atmosphere, this is nightshade-music at its best, like being lost in a dream, combining beautiful drones & poetry... still very much to discover ! 2011 €14.50
World Fair CD Omnempathy OMCD05 fifth proper album by MICHAEL BEGGs project, complex & outcomposed pieces with many guest musicians such as CHRIS CONNELLY (MINISTRY), SOPHIE BANCROFT, COLIN POTTER, STEVEN R. SMITH and more...incorporating poetry & folk elements, thematically backed up by "the second law of thermodynamics, entropy, the singularity and heat death of the observable universe" 2014 €14.00
Hivernant CD Omnempathy OMCD06 beautiful melancholic dronescaping spread on 9 tracks, impressionistic music for poetic, foggy winter landscapes, often based on handplayed & processed acoustic instruments... "His shimmering layers of sound will evolve into pure sonic forms of harmonically clashing drones only to dissolve into pools of melodic piano reminiscent of ENO's Thursday Afternoon or into a TIM HECKER-like tonal suspension of stained-glass sorrow.." [Aquarius Rec.] 2015 €13.00