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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Baptism & Birthday CD-R Ur Society first release for this trio from Genova (IT); lim. 50 & soon to be rare! 2005 €9.00
Triadic Memories CD-R AFE Records afe083lcd first official album by this Italian industrial outfit: "Far away from Power Electronics and Harsh Noise, "Triadic Memories" is more a sort of psychedelic and liberatory journey reminding the best old-school Industrial music experiments." lim. 133, professionally printed cardboard cover / SPECIAL OFFER 2006 €6.00
Trieb CD Topheth Prophet TP017 strong album from this impro/drone/industrial trio from Italy: Die italienische Drone/Noise-Band mit der ersten 'fabriggepressten' CD... ihr bassiger Impro-Drone Sound erinnert an SILVESTER ANFANG oder alte MAEROR TRI, mit vielen recht weirden sounds im sumpfigen Drone-Morast.. gefllt uns super!! Teils ausuferend-ekstatisch aber auch mit ruhigen, schwelenden parts... rauhe aber nicht unsensible dunkle Dronescapes... lim. 300 oversized cover 2008 €13.00
The Day of the Lord CD-R Abgurd AB-666 strong release by this Italian group, dark & improvised industrial with an occult approach, ranging from softer parts to ecstatic noise...reminded us on TEMPLE OF TIERMES, the AURAL HYPNOX releases, etc.. lim. 100 copies 2010 €8.50