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La Voce ed il Sintetizzatore CD Rossbin RS 023 vintage analog electronics created on an ARP 2600 plus the recitating and singing voice of ELLEN KAPPEL (texts from JACK KEROUAC, SHAKESPEARE, T.S.ELIOT, PHILIP LAMANTIA, STEFAN GEORGE) form the basis for these extraordinary avantgarde pieces (rec. 1973-1981) by the Italian electronic music pioneer , who tried to structure his compositions after Euclidean Geometrics... it still sounds so strange & surreal and almost "unlistenable" after more than 40 years! SPECIAL OFFER 2005 €6.00
Riverberazioni Sonore 7inch + magazine Rossbin RSEP001 obscure 7" release by this pioneering composer from Turin (Italy), who established an Electronic Studio already in 1964; contains "Riverberazioni Sonore N. 31" (a newer, dense electronic piece from 1998 that spreads over both sides), and a live extract from 1973; comes with 50 page "design / art / music" magazine MIELE #8 (full colour) including a ZAFFIRI interview and other articles ("Music = Math"), all on Italian language; very limited, last copies! 2005 €18.00