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Toxic Cosmopolitanism LP Editions Mego eMEGO 183 two new side-long pieces by the rising Swiss-French composer, using for each side the same source materials (instrumental sounds from different cultures, like balafon, tremolo, gnbri, gee, tibetan gongs, pan flutes)... this sounds like music coming from another planet, mysterious drones, crackles, hums, metallic tones, melodies...very dense, thick and slow.. great immersive album again for this member of the GRM (Groupe des Recherches Muscales) from Paris !! 2014 €20.00
Meith LP Black Truffle BT069 newest album by one of our favourite newer 'experiMENTALdrone' composers, one long acoustic 'field' spread on two sides... "..densely layered sound world of electronic tones, positive organ, and unidentifiable field-recorded textures. Almost static yet constantly in flux, it deliberately opens itself up to repeated and varied listening: from a distance, its many voices cohere into a monolithic plane of sound, while closer inspection reveals myriad details and momentary events." 2020 €21.00
MMXX-13: Vol Sombre LP Matiere Memoire MMXX-13 13th release in the new series that presents 20 artists from the experimental sound-art scene with very nice design / concept => dedicated to the year 2020 there will be 20 x 20 min. compositions on one-sided clear vinyl, with laser engraved artwork by the artist on the B-Side, lim. to 500 copies => Drone Records fave artist KASSEL JAEGER unfurls slowly pacing instrumental drones / drops, circuiting each other like in a timeless slow-motion dance, harmonic and dense.. 2020 €23.00
Shifted in Dreams LP Shelter Press SP144 complex electroacoustic drones forming an intermediate state, \"when the reality of signs looses its consistency\", based on various sources (ARP 2500 synth, organ, gutars, the slamming of windows, etc.) - * Shifted in Dreams explores a wide range of instruments and techniques, going seamlessly from instrumental improvisation to field recording, via micro-editing and the use of asynchronous loops..* - masterful atmospheric and captivating again ! 2023 €27.50