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Action Silence Prayers CD Die Schachtel ZEIT07CD atmospheric & minimal solo-guitar pieces (with additional piano at times) in the way of N, AIDAN BAKER or OREN AMBARCHI, quiet & almost poetic.. nice album by the 3/4HADBEENELIMINATED-member 2008 €14.00
The Suncrows Fall and Tree LP Improved Sequence Records IMP014 The Italian musician, known from 3/4HADBEENELIMINATED (with VALERIO TRICOLI and CLAUDIO ROCCHETTI ) and other projects, with his splendid "experimental drone" solo album from 2006 (CD on Sedimental), interweaving electronic & instrumental drones & field recordings...- "Pilias subsonic drones are a thing of beauty; pulling in and pushing the listener away simultaneously, keeping him or her in a constant state of limbo." {Foxy Digitalis] - lim. ed. 300 copies 2020 €27.50
Spiralis Aurea do-LP Die Schachtel DS Zeit 17 luxurious vinyl issue of PILIA's masterpiece, 12 truly evocative, sad harmonic "drone" pieces that are mainly based on acoustic sources (Cello, Violin, Organ, Horns), feat. various guest musicians, the compositions were inspired by a visit to the Italian "Futa Pass Cemetary", a large war cemetary for German soldiers killed in WWII, holding the remains of about 31.000 soldiers.. - "a place crossed by thoughts about the landscape, history, symbols, rituals.. " - lim. black vinyl 6 panel gatefold, letterpressed 2022 €45.00