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Album Format Label & Cat. Number Description Year Price (incl. 19% VAT)  
Believed Remains mCDR Taalem alm80 "pure evocative drone" by this very productive ambience composer from Tokyo / re-edition without jewel case! 2011 €5.00
Heath Grass CD-R Still'Sleep CDR18 very light sun-drones from Japan, minimal, waving, weightless... a very peaceful & meditative three piece maxi-EP (31 minutes length) 2011 €9.00
Vitex Negundo CD Empiric Records emrec 6 slowly moving huge bubbles filled with warm multi-layered ambience from Japan, extremely warm and sensitive acoustic clouds, based on guitar meditations and loops, music of a timeless beauty.. think of VIDNA OBMANA, CELER, YUI ONODERA.... specially low priced CD version 2014 €8.00
Vitex Negundo - de constructed CD Empiric Records emrec 7 remixes of HAKOBUNEs last years 'classic ambient' album by Japanese IDM, electronic & experimental artists, lots of new names to discover, very good material for example by: DJ NOBU, TIASHIN, KOBA, KATSUNORI SAWA... 10 tracks 2015 €8.00