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Broken Sounds of a Dying Culture CD Wrotycz Records WRT005 re-issue of self-released first LP from 1997, plus tracks from the 7" "Religion of Hate". Project of Lina / DEUTSCH NEPAL. large cardboard cover. SPECIAL OFFER ! 2007 €10.00
They who became Enemies to their Ancestors CD Entartete Musikk EM15 "DULL DAYS AMONG THE SHEEPS" - re-issue of the rare tape (C-46) from 1998 (11 tracks), plus the four tracks from the 10" "In Order to Confuse" (Hauruck, 2005), by the side-project of DEUTSCH NEPAL... this is powerful, angry post industrial, partly with vocals and melodics: 73. min playtime, 300 copies pressed 2021 €13.00