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Breaking down Nihil-Live do-CD Der Angriff Nr. 39 recordings of two live-shows that happened Sept. 2009 in Moscow & St. Petersburg when BDN performed with Russian artists together, for a unique performance : ANTHESTERIA, LAMIAVOX, BARDOSENETICCUBE, 414; lim. 450 copies / embossed fold out cover 2011 €18.00
All too bad, bad to All LP Cold Meat Industry CMI-04 "Let Everything Rot!" - limited vinyl version of the new BDN album - only 506 copies, numbered postcard, gatefold-cover, DL code : - "By combining the depressing atmosphere of earlier works like the Great Death trilogy and Necrose Evangelicum with the more power electronics inspired work like 2005s Kamikaze Kabaret, BDN continues to push for a sound that is both totalizing in vision and sonically dominating." [Discipline Mag] 2022 €28.50
Everything is Gonna' be Allright 10inch Cold Meat Industry CMI-03 clear vinyl 10" with four exclusive tracks, luxurious cover w. postcard + DL code, lim. 500 and already gone at source.. 2022 €25.00