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The Black Post Society CD Cold Spring Records CSR85CD intense mixture of sludgy pulsating dark drone & harsh noise, with at times aggressive vocals 2005 €12.00
Crossbow 7inch DotDotDot Music dotdotdot008v strong 7" for this "anti-technology & anti-electricity" noise project, mixing abrasive low-fi attacks with interesting acoustic sounds; lim. 300 on transparent yellow / black splatter vinyl . LAST COPY! 2009 €10.00
Unknown Rains LP Hospital Prod. HOS-491 re-issue of cassette from 2016, revealing the harsher side of this project from New York City (A: GERMAN SKELETON, STILL UNBURIED; B: BATTLEFIELD AT YEAR'S END), multi-layered frazzles of noise, voice, and synth-distortion; "Utterly destructive and heart-wrenching power noise and catharsis from the don gorgon of Hospital Productions, making his first album confession as Prurient since the release of the stunning Frozen Niagara Falls from 2015" lim. 500 copies 2017 €20.50
Casablanca Flamethrower do-LP Tesco Org. TESCO 140 the first proper PRURIENT full length album for Tesco, returning to his industrial / heavy 'doom' electronics origins, thematically centered on hidden allied war crimes:::: "Thirteen tracks of doom electronics crowded by voices of industrial cynicism focused on four theatres (corridors of violence)...these are the songs from torture chambers across hateful american shores." - lim. 250 BLACK vinyl, gatefold cover, numbered insert 2020 €33.00