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Symphony # 6: Devil Choirs at the Gates of Heaven CD Atavistic ALP10 re-issue of BRANCA's maybe most intense work (studio LP from 1989), feat. PAGE HAMILTON (who got famous later with HELMET); intense conglomerations of rhythms, wall of guitar drones, acoustic energy !! "the sound of the whoosh at the core of creation / the UBERMUSIK of the spheres as terrible and gorgeous as desire" 1993 €14.00
Symphony # 5: Describing Planes of an Expanding Hypersphere CD Atavistic ALP15CD available again! Originally recorded in 1984, post produced later in the 90's 1996 €14.00
Symphony No. 1 CD ROIR RUSCD8245 re-release of legendary first Symphony from 1981 ! 2000 €14.00
Lesson No. 1 CD Acute Records ACT005 re-release of the first BRANCA-Album from 1980, plus 16 min Bonus-track from 1982 feat. THURSTON MOORE & LEE RANALDO and 18 min Video-track from a Symphony # 5 -performance 1984 ! 2004 €15.00
Indeterminate Activity of Resultant Masses CD Atavistic ALP046cd early & almost unknown BRANCA-piece (rec. after the "Ascension" 12", in 1981), plus one unreleased piece from 1989 and a "anti-Branca-Interview" by JOHN CAGE with WIM MERTENS! 2007 €14.50